Alright! I’m back! It’s my first time to have a good phone to share here on wordpress! 

It’s been a while since I write something again. Well I actually suddenly remembered I have one account to write things aside from facebook. 

I think I’m lost about so many things. I’m kinda looking for myself as usual. (oh selfish me) What is it? I mean, who Am I? Is there any specific things I must do first? Will there be actual or anything at all? Oh come on! I’m sorry friend (whoever you are), I’m in this box and I think I’m gonna stay here forever. I see a road so long that I cannot see it’s end. I’m having so many fears. I feel like I’m a candle slowly fading away. (I like this line) 

I just love this picture. Explains a lot about what I’m thinking while writing this post. I do not wish to easily give up I mean I really do. This life thing is a serious deal to me. I’m looking for something that will make me dream again. To pursue something and achieve it. Yeah that kind of thing.


I’m back!!!


Due to some personal struggles(I think) I managed to remember that I was actually in and with this one(blogging) I don’t know but I felt writing again today. Maybe this is the thing I think not only me experienced but I’m gonna do it now with the hope to remain with these commitment to post blogs (a responsibity?). You see I think it is the moment I posted a blog header here. 🙂

Ok, anything today? hmmnn… I think this goes to the main reason why I suddenly went back on blogging.

Today I got this crazy argument with my dad and he just said a lot (no details) and here’s this me trying to be optimistic over the words he said (word’s matter) trying to be someone to say matured enough to deal with the feeling but I think I’m really hurt. I’m convinced within myself that I know things will be better but the process of just being the person I personally hoped for in this particular situation just hurts a lot. Well I think doing the blog helps. (thanks to wordpress)

I want to continue reading my posts here (what?) I would personally want to earn a value here I think it’s the word commitment.,

Brace with me. God bless

A Starter Me.


Ang sarap ng feeling ng may ginagawa ka ( ng ganito kaaga), anyways I’m doing this to create a new perspective in my life and it’s been really fussy when it comes to dealing with it face to face than merely planning. It’s quite amusing kasi ang maghanap pa lang theme na magugustuhan mo is talaga naman (haha!!)

So eto tayo, start ng mabuti and so hopeful of the things I’m gonna post in the future.  Sarap ng first time kasi super excited ka.

Well sa title ng blog (or header ba yun? Sensya na hindi pa familiar) I’m gonna share it soon hopefully. I’m a Nazirite, If some would dare to ask of course you’ll find the answer. (haha! tinamad)


By the way hindi ito ang talagang pinakaunang post ko dito. (nevermind)